Picture of Tempest

Tempest the terroristic frankendog ... Tempest, aka T, was from a planned litter between a staffy dad (Deuce) and a borderjack mom (Buzz). Through the power of Facebook her little face captured my heart immediately. Problem was, she was in Missouri and I live in Texas.

A couple from Arizona (on the High Desert Sundogs) agreed to pick her up and deliver her to CanAm 2010. Flyball people are amazing!! The first few months with the demon puppy were an adventure, but she's maturing into a fantastic pet and future flyball superstar...her natural box turn is breathtaking. Hopefully she'll debut very soon.

Tempest is owned by the Millers and operated by Veronica

Meet the rest of the Miller pack! Nico, Cash and Gabriel.

*The Miller pack became flyball missionaries & have started a team in their new town, Bend, OR. We will miss racing with them & hope to team up again each year at CanAm.*