Picture of Skamp
Skamp BC/Mini Aussie Mix

The dog formerly known as "Cap" has made his way back to Dogz Rule!

An alum of Border Collie Rescue of Texas, Skamp was adopted by Denise as a pup and began his flyball training with Dogz Rule! When Denise moved overseas for her job, she could not take him with her and he ended up back with his BCRTX foster mom, Alissa.

Not willing to let this furball of fun get away from her again, he became a permanent member of Alissa's pack. The flyball forces were with him and it seems his flyball destiny lies with DR!

Check out the August issue of Texas Monthly for Skamp's modeling debut! Don't worry though, Alissa won't let the stardom get to his head.

Skamp is owned and operated by Alissa. See Skamp's NAFA titles.

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