Shelby Retriever Mix

Found wandering the streets as a stray, Shelby was dropped off at an Austin shelter by a good Samaritan. A few days later, her soon-to-be Mom and Dad came to visit a different dog but couldn't seem to make it past Shelby's cage. Her sweet personality and beautiful brown eyes won their hearts. They took her home that very day.

One of Shelby's unique charateristics is her ability to mimic the sounds of a marine mammal when she's crated and can see her Mom. Her distinct Orca-like sounds can be heard over the rest of the dogs at a tournament.

Shelby is owned and operated by Alissa. See Shelby's NAFA titles!

Meet the rest of the Eisbrenner pack! Skamp.

Shelby suffered from a fibrocartilaginous embolism (FCE) [spinal stroke] in 2011. She is no longer suffering and is chasing squirrels and balls at the Rainbow Bridge. Run free sweet yellow girl.