Scooter was rescued from the side of a garbage can in the middle of nowhere Texas in March of 1999. She was hours from starvation, 6-8 wks old and covered in the worst case of sarcoptic mange. It took 6 weeks to cure her terrible affliction. She would splay herself out and crawl across the floor rubbing her underside to ease the itch...hence her name "Scooter."

When we moved to Austin, we discovered they had an active flyball team, we knew we had to let her try. She learned faster than we could train her, and now she lets us know when it's time to go to practice. This little "Garbage Can Angel " has stolen my heart and proven once again that some of the best dogs are rescued dogs.

Precious Scooter left this world on 10/25/10 as unexpectedly as she appeared. Godspeed little Scoot, you are missed.

Scooter was owned by David & Kathy and loved by all. See Scooter's NAFA titles.