Picture of Pogo
POGO Border Collie

Pogo was found in a store parking lot frantically running from car to car to find someone to take him. Though only 10 months old, thin and a bundle of nerves, Pogo walked into my house and immediately started a fight with the resident dogs. During his days as a BCRTX foster at my house, he ate 2 purses and shredded a couch. He ended up becoming a permanent resident and a perfect housemate.

In addition to flyball, Pogo loves agility. In 2005 & 2009, he competed at the national agility championships. At the 2009 NADAC Championships he won Highest Scoring Dog with Zero Course Faults. Pogo has earned an ADCH and 5 NATCHs.

Pogo is owned by Kim and operated by whomever holds the string cheese. See Pogo's NAFA titles.

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