Picture of Nico
NICO Australian Shepherd

Nico's good looks and polite manners helped him score a modeling gig as the canine face for the pet-friendly Hotel Contessa in San Antonio. Yes, that is Nico on your keycard!

Nico is not just another pretty face though - he takes his flyball job very seriously. Out on the flyball lanes you can hear his high pitched shriek as he waits to race. We're not quite sure how to describe it - half monkey scream mixed with some sort of dinosaur wail. Yep, that's our Nico.

Nico is owned and operated by the Miller family. See Nico's NAFA titles.

Meet the rest of the Miller pack! Gabriel, Cash and Tempest.

*The Miller pack became flyball missionaries & have started a team in their new town, Bend, OR. We will miss racing with them & hope to team up again each year at CanAm.*