Texas Jack Liberty Belle Parson Russell Terrier

Liberty is the little dog that can do it all. She participates in lure coursing, surfing, dock diving and of course, playing flyball. Not one to balk at a challenge, Liberty is even protection trained (you don't want to mess with this little firecracker!). Someone told her that 'lil scruffy girl dogs couldn't do it . . . so she had to prove them wrong.

One of the more recent additions to Dogz Rule!, Liberty has shown us that big dogs can come in little packages. Her favorite practice exercise is racing her mom to the box . . . who knew such little legs could move so fast? She's also a great multi-tasker - she can run flyball and bark at her mom at the same time.

Take a handful of talent, add a little bit of diva and mix in a slight goat-like resemblence and you've got yourself a Liberty Belle.

Liberty is owned and operated by Danielle. See Liberty's NAFA titles!

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