Picture of Iz

Iz is named after the famous dancer Isadora Duncan. Duncan scandalized Europe at the beginning of the 20th century by dancing barely clad and barefoot while creating the forms of modern dance. Iz channels Duncan's spirit and joie de vivre. And Iz dances barefoot too.

Iz began her competitive career doing flyball with Salty Dogzz and then the Utah Tail Blazers in Salt Lake City, Utah. However, her light really began to shine when she began her agility career in 2002. Today she is one of the top smooth fox terriers in AKC agility.

Iz and I spent five years as a volunteer team doing animal-assisted therapy in a locked facility for kids with behavior and learning problems. Iz won a couple of awards for her work there—she has the most amazing tolerance and patience for working with troubled kids.

Iz was owned by Denise and loved by all. See Iz's NAFA titles.