Picture of Gotham
Poeta Strictly Something Sinister aka "Gotham" Whippet

Whippets are like potato chips. Or tribbles. Once you have one, they seem to multiple. You can't just have one.

Gotham, like his packmate Decoy, hails from Canada. His mom, Notorious Poeta Panocha, is not only gorgeous, but is a champion on the race track. Gotham's handsome dad, Poeta Do It Again aka "Score," is an uber-fast flyball dog. With genes like that, this little pup seems to have the need for speed, eh?

Still only a wee pup and this little guy is already proving himself to be made for flyball - his mom's got the holes in her legs to prove it.

Lauren is owned and operated by Gotham (that's right - whippets do the owning).

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