Picture of Gabriel
GABRIELMini Aussie

Gabriel...the little dog that could.

As a rescue, from a not so nice home, Gabe has had more than his share of hard times. He came to Veronica as a sad little guy, that would piddle anytime someone would touch him. When he met Stephen (his new dad) everything changed! Gabriel had found his person and began to trust the humanz in his life.

After almost being killed by a pair of aggressive neighborhood dogs...this little fluff ball bounced back with a serious 'tude. He's in training, but ready to beat the big dogz into submission. Don't let the cute factor fool you, he'll be a force to be reckoned with in the lanes.

Gabriel is owned and operated by Veronica & Stephen

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*After an unfortunate accident, Gabriel left the world too early. His family did everything they could to save him but he decided it was time to run free over the rainbow bridge. Dogspeed sweet Gabe. We will miss you.*

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