Picture of Decoy
Copyright's Secret Weapon aka "Decoy" Whippet

Don't be lured in by his sweet, soft and innocent looks - Decoy is a little demon trapped inside an adorable whippet body.

Decoy is an overachiever and currently prefers to take down the "big prey" (me) instead of the little "prey" (tug). I think this little guy is too smart for his own good.

Originally from Canada, Decoy is out of Elektra Carbon Copy and Poeta Trompeta Toccata. He takes his Pop's call name Trumpet quite literally and insists upon barking to get what he wants. They say that whippets are generally a quiet breed. Not this one . . . he's a flyball dog at heart!

Lauren is owned and operated by Decoy (that's right - whippets do the owning).

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Visit Decoy's Flickr page for more photos!