Picture of Carrera
CARRERA Shetland Sheepdog

New to the sport of flyball, Carrera, aka Carrera Bean, made her debut at the biggest tournament in Texas - Let Freedom Run - held during the Reliant Series of Dog Shows. Like an old pro, Carrera performed flawlessly and helped the team secure a first place win!

Carrera's superb performance got her mom hooked on the sport. We expect to see great things from this little sheltie in 2010! Check her out at the next tournament, she has a box turn that will make you drool! Carrera is owned and operated by Amy.

See Carrera's NAFA titles.

*Carrera is currently taking a break from flyball due to occasional seizures. Dogz Rule! wishes Carrera a speedy return to her normal crazy self!*

In 2011, Carrera lost her battle with her seizure disorder. We will miss that little sheltie.