Picture of Blue
BLUEBorder Collie/Aussie

Blue is a handsome dog. He's also quite the tug-fiend . . . which we usually like in flyball. However, Blue is very obsessed with the tug. Like crazy obsessed - flailing his body about and flying through the air to grab the tug (and whatever appendages might be in the way). It makes his brain quit working. All his neurons simply shout, "TUG. TUG. TUG!" and he forgets what he's doing. The poor boxloader was in danger of being racked because Blue would hurl himself torwards the box and never take his eyes off the TUG.

It wasn't until recently we figured out how to work with his TOCD (tug-obsessive compulsive disorder). Hide the tug in the bucket. This made all the difference in the world and Blue is progressing quite nicely. Hopefully this smart guy does not fall victim to BOCD (bucket obsessive compulsive disorder).

Blue is owned and operated by Kris

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